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We all exist in communities: those smaller groups that make up the larger society in which we live, work and grow. Music Maker has been founded in 1979, by Bonnie Callan who envisioned that music is a right for children to enjoy. With the Department of Recreation service, Music Maker offer several group classes to the community. It's our hope that see our children grow up together with curiosity in their mind.

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Natural development, Ear, Muscle, and Vocal Chord graph according to Yamaha (YMES)      See Graph


Great piano classes. They have just started piano lessons for children using the Yamaha method. It teaches children to play by ear as well as learn notes. The Yamaha Program is very well designed. The teachers are great. This is the perfect class for my 5-year old.

LeAnn L.
Yelper, Orange, CA
Oct 02, 2015