Edmond Almond

World-Class performer, composer and conductor with superb business skills and training who has taken his skills and discipline to the worlds of media production, major event production, social media marketing, project and product messaging.
Developed and mentors his own specialized training for media presentation, vocal performance/speech from his years of diverse musical/entertainment experience.
"You work hard, you never give up. You lead or support the leader. Stay passionate. You master many things and continue to do them always at a high level. You make time to mentor those who want to know your worlds, guiding them to hone and master their skills. You do all this, or go home..."
First person in the Western Hemisphere to produce and broadcast news and create promos over ringback tones (Sprint telecom partner). Uniquely developed successful marketing plan using only social media, to bring more than 3,000 individuals to one company's product promotion in less than 30 minutes (as viewed by major executives in the communications, media and telecom industries) ...
Credits include Revenge, Desperate Housewives, Agent Carter, NCIS.
Business credits include work for NFL, NFLProperties, PGA, Trump National Golf Club, LPGA.
NCIS, Temptation, Cote De Pablo, Edmond Allmond on the piano.